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6 Femmes d'Exception Arnold Antonin, Centre Pétion Bolivar 2012 | Haiti | French, Haitian Creole |
| Feature Documentary

Film-maker Arnold Antonin profiles six Haitian women - educator and writer Odette Roy Fombrum, pianist Micheline Laudun Denis, dancer and choreographer Viviane Gauthier, singer/actress Emerante De Pradines, actress, writer and teacher Paulette Poujol Oriol and Madeleine Desrosiers Tizo. These women have all made an outstanding contribution to cultural and social life in their country, Haiti.

Produced by : Centre Pétion Bolivar

Cast: Micheline Laudun Denis, Vivianne Gauthier, Madeleine Desrosiers dit Madan Tizo, Emerante De Pradines Morse, Odette Roy Fombrun, Paulette Poujol Oriol

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  • women, old age, icons, culture